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Sort and move your folders in whichever order you like!

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In Showbie, you can sort or reorder your folders however you'd like! This is done similarly to reordering posts in the Shared Items list.

Here's how to sort and re-order:

  • While in a class, tap 'edit'

  • Hold and drag the three line icon next to the folder

  • Reorder folders however you'd like

You now have even more options when it comes to organizing folders in your classes. As you can have up to three layers of folders within folders, you may want to move or adjust your existing folders.

Here’s how:

  • Navigate to any class where you have class folders

  • Find the folder you want to move

    • Click the three dots icon (web)

    • On IOS - simply long press the folder:

  • Click/tap Move Folder

  • Choose the class and folder level that you want to move it to.

  • Click/tap the green Move Folder button

Note: There is a three level limit on folders. This means that you can have a folder, a folder within that folder, and a folder within that folder before you hit your limit. If that limit will be exceeded by the move, the green Move Folder button will be greyed out and you will be unable to perform the action.

  • If the folder you want to move already has 3 sub folders, you cannot move any additional folders to be within it.

  • If the folder you are moving already has folders within it, you may only be able to move it to the class level and not place it within a folder

Archived Folders still count towards the 3 level limit

  • If you attempt to move a folder within a folder, you may come across an error message if there are archived folders that affect this

    • You can manage your archived folders either by deleting them or moving them to a new place, and then proceed with the movement of the original folder

Need to change the name or colour of the folder? Learn more here.

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