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Disconnecting Your Socrative Room or Account
Disconnecting Your Socrative Room or Account
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Disconnecting your Socrative account or room will end any in-progress quizzes you have running. If you try disconnecting, you'll get a message warning you that activities will end. Don't worry, grades and results will not be affected. 

Disconnecting Your Socrative Room

Navigate into your class and tap the wrench icon:

  • Tap Socrative Room

  • A message will show which Socrative room is connected to the class and then tap Disconnect Room

If you have an active quiz running, a message will appear letting you know that the quiz will end. Once confirmed, the room connection will be removed and you're free to reconnect to a new room if you'd like! 

Disconnecting Your Socrative Account

Start by opening your profile settings by tapping on your profile photo (or name if you don't have a photo):

  • Tap My Socrative Connection

  • A message will show to inform you of the Socrative account that's currently connected and then tap Disconnect from Socrative

A message will appear letting you know that removing your Socrative connection will end all active quizzes in your disconnected room. Any Socrative rooms connected will also be removed from all your Showbie classes. Once confirmed, your Socrative account will be disconnected. 

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