After connecting your Socrative account and room, you'll be able to add a quiz in Shared Items. Note that you'll need to create this Quiz in Socrative first! If you need a refresher on how to do that, take a look at our guide here. Keep in mind, quizzes are not affected by your differentiation settings, so the quiz will be sent to everyone even if you have them adjusted. 

Start by going to any assignment and into the Shared Items list:

  • Tap the + icon

  • Tap Quiz

The Socrative quiz menu will show: 

  • Select your quiz and tap Next

  • Choose your delivery method and launch settings and tap Start 

And that's it! The quiz will look like this in the post listing when launched:

Note that when a quiz is launched, the roster in the Socrative room is updated with the current student list in the class.

You can tap on the post and it'll take you to the live results of the quiz.

Here, you can monitor student progress as well as toggle on/off their names and answers. Once the quiz is completed by your students, you can tap Finish to close the quiz and prevent students from attempting the quiz again. 

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