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Connecting a Socrative Room to a Showbie Class
Connecting a Socrative Room to a Showbie Class
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Connecting your Socrative room to a Showbie class allows you to add Socrative quizzes to Showbie assignments. To set-up the link, start by going into your class and tap the wrench icon:

  • Tap Class Settings

  • Tap Connect Socrative Room

A message will show explaining what connecting your two accounts will do:

  • Tap Choose a Room

  • Select the room you'd like to connect (note that you cannot choose your default room)

Once selected, a confirmation message will show:

The room name will also show to confirm that you've selected the correct room. Tap Connect Room and you're all set! Go to any Shared Items list to start adding quizzes! 

Keep in mind, once you connect your room to Showbie, the room in Socrative will turn into a rostered room and students in the Showbie class will be set as the roster in the Socrative room. This said, only one Socrative room can be connected per each class in Showbie.

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