What's Socrative?
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Socrative is a quizzing and assessment tool for effective engagement in class. Teachers are able to create quizzes, launch them, and have students connect to their Socrative room to complete the quiz. Learn more about the Basic and Pro versions of Socrative here! 

Socrative Pro allows you to connect your account to a Showbie Pro account. Once connected, you can launch quizzes directly in the Showbie app without having to switch to Socrative. 

Adding a Quiz in Showbie

Teachers will be able to add quizzes in the Shared Items list. 

When you tap on the quiz, you'll be able to monitor student progress. 

You can view more detailed information about each question by tapping on the question number. Tapping the Finish button will end the quiz.

Taking a Quiz in Showbie

Students will see the quiz as a post in their assignments. 

Tap on the post to start the quiz! 

Once done, students can tap the Close button to return to Showbie. 

Looks interesting but don't have Pro yet? Get in touch with us at sales@showbie.com and we'd be happy to help set you up! 

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