Use Showbie to connect with your child and keep updated on their school work!

Showbie can be used on an iOS device or the web app through any web browser. Install the Showbie app or go to to get started!  

From left to right: iOS and Web

Tap on Sign up for Free and you’re on the way to making an account!

  • Tap on I'm a Parent

  • Choose to sign up with email or Google. You can also choose Other Sign-up Options to sign up using Microsoft. Here's a guide for more information

  • Set a name, email, and password for your account

  • If you have a parent code already, you can enter it now or Skip and save it for later

Next Steps

Parent codes allow parents to connect to their child and view their school work. If you don't have one yet, contact your child's teacher so they can provide it for you. Share this link with them to help them find the parent code for you

If you have your parent code, check out this guide on how to use your parent code

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