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A Parent's Guide to Parent Access
A Parent's Guide to Parent Access

Keep informed on your child's class work and portfolio

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The best way to stay connected with your child's school journey is by connecting with them on Showbie!

Accessing Your Child’s Work on Showbie with a Parent Account

Here is how to set up a parent account, and how to add your child:

  1. First, sign up for Showbie and Create a Parent Account.

  2. Get your child’s parent code from their teacher. (This is a 6 character code of letters and/or numbers).

  3. In your parent account, tap the + button, then enter the code, and lastly tap Add.

Once you’ve done those steps, you’ll be able to see your child's classes and can stay up to date with their work.

Inviting Another Parent

More than one parent can add a child while using the same parent code.

Showbie allows you as the parent, to email invitations to another parent who you would like to keep informed on your child’s school work.

  • Tap on the profile picture of the student you'd like to invite another parent for

  • Tap Invite Another Parent

Edit the email as much as you would like and send when you’re ready!

Removing Students

As a parent, here’s how you can remove a student from your list:

  1. Tap on the Students tab

  2. Tap on the profile picture of the student you’d like to delete

  3. Tap Remove from List

  4. Please read the message carefully!

  5. Tap Remove

Can't See your Child's Class?

If you are seeing the error image below, it means the teacher has not yet enabled Parent Access. To fix this, please contact the teacher of that class and ask them to enable Parent Access. They are able to do this within their Showbie teacher account.

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