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Help students login quickly and easily with QR Codes

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QR codes can be enabled/disabled on either the iOS app or web app. However, they can only be used to login through the iOS app. This guide will show how to toggle them; if you'd like to learn how students use them, check out this article instead.

QR codes are a great way for students to login to Showbie quickly without needing to remember their username and password. QR codes can be adjusted for students on any device but they can only be used to login using iOS devices. Here's how you can enable them:

  • Go to any class 

  • Tap the wrench icon

  • Open Class Members

  • Select any student

  • Tap QR Code

  • Toggle on the student's QR Code

You can Share/Download Code so that you have a copy of the code to share with your student. Alternatively, you can simply have the student's code open on your device and get your student to scan the code using their device to login. To generate a new code, tap the Refresh Code option. 

You can also retrieve QR codes in bulk. Here's how:

  • Go to any class

  • Tap the wrench icon

  • Open Class Members

  • Tap Get QR Codes

  • Select Continue after you have read and understood the warning message

  • You can select only certain students or all students to enable the QR codes for

  • Once ready, you'll be able to save the QR codes and edit them so you can give them to your students

QR codes provide direct access to a student's account; safeguard them as you would with a username and password combination. Please protect the security of your students and do not share QR codes publicly. 

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