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Keep important posts at the top for everyone to see

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Teachers can pin class discussion posts to the top so that important messages are always available and viewed easily. To start, go the the Class Discussion you need:

  • Find the post that you'd like to pin

  • On the iOS app, swipe left on the post to reveal the pin icon. Tap on it to pin the post. 

  • On the web app, look for the "..." to the right of the post and click on it to reveal more options. Click on the Pin option. 

Once pinned, the post will remain at the top. To unpin, just follow the same steps and it will return to its original spot according to the timestamp. 

Some things to know:

  • Only teachers can pin posts

  • Multiple posts can be pinned and will be sorted in the order they were pinned (posts that were pinned first will appear at the top)

  • Large document previews are not supported in pinned posts

  • If the class discussion is cleared, pinned posts will not be removed

  • Student posts can be pinned and when pinned, students cannot edit or delete their post but the teacher can edit or delete them

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