How to Record a Video Chat

Learn how to record your video chats and save them for later.

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Please keep in mind, recording a video chat is only available while using Chrome.

This article covers:

  • How to start and stop a video chat recording

  • How to download a copy of the recording

  • Format of downloaded recordings

How to start and stop a video chat recording

If you are using video chat in Chrome you can tap on the record button at the bottom to record the video chat.

To record the video chat, you will be prompted to install a Whereby extension.

Once this is installed, you'll get a message that you can start the recording. In order to record you'll also need to share your screen. Ensure that you have selected the tab that you want to share, rather than your entire screen, or the recording may not generate.

When you are ready to stop the recording, you can select the Stop button at the bottom.

How to download a copy of the recording

It's important to note that video chat recordings are not stored on Showbie's or Whereby's servers. They are stored locally in your browser's cache. This means they are only available on the device you have recorded on, and only until the browser cache is cleared.

Once you hit stop on a recording, you will be prompted to save a copy or get it from the recording page later. We recommend saving a copy right away.

If you choose, you can select later. In this case, you can get recordings later by clicking on the Record button at the bottom again. These are only available until the browser cache is cleared, in which case these recordings would be deleted.

Format of downloaded recordings

Recordings are saved as .webm files, which are web-optimized video files. These files can be directly uploaded to many different sites and played in most browsers.

For example, if you drag and drop the file into Google Chrome, the video will play here.

You can also convert these to a different file type, using a file converter program.

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