A blank canvas has unlimited possibilities 🎨

You can create a blank document in Showbie so you can use the annotation tools available without needing to upload a file or worksheet. This can be done in assignments, class discussions, and groups.

Start by going to where you'd like to create the document and look for the + icon:

After that, tap New Document:

The new document menu will show where you customize the following:

  • Name: the name of the document you'd like
  • Orientation: set as landscape or portrait
  • Style: choose from blank, lined, grid, or dotted (you can also choose the spacing to be narrow, regular, or wide)
  • Page: Add/subtract pages (1 - 100)
  • Create: When customized, tap Create to upload it

Got questions or feedback? Reach out to us at support@showbie.com!

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