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Search for Classes, Folders, and Assignments

The search field in Showbie lets you find classes, folders, and assignments (depending on which page you are viewing while searching).

  • To search for a class, use the search field in the 'All Classes' section.

  • To search for a folder, navigate to the class or folder that contains the folder and type its name into the search field.

  • To search for an assignment, navigate to that class or navigate to the 'All Assignments' section and type the name of the assignment into the search field.

Search Field in Showbie for Web (Left) and iOS (Right)

Search Field in Showbie for Web (Left) and iOS (Right)

Search for Documents and Files

With Showbie for iOS, you can use your device's built-in search menu to find documents and files saved in Showbie.

  1. Return to your device's home screen.

  2. Pull down on the home screen or tap Search on your home screen.

    1. This will reveal the built-in search menu.

  3. Type the name of the document or file.

  4. Scroll down in the results to find the section labelled 'Showbie'.

  5. Tap the file name under 'Showbie' to open it in Showbie.

Example of a Search Menu in iOS for Showbie

Using the Built-In Search on iOS for Showbie

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