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Within the Teachers tab in the Admin Dashboard, you can gain a comprehensive overview of each teacher's Showbie account. This includes a list of their active classes, class names, the corresponding class codes, the ability to assign a class to a teacher, the number of teachers and students joined to each class, as well as account information.

To access the Teacher Overview

  1. Log in to your Admin Dashboard

  2. Navigate to the Teachers tab where you will find a list of all the approved teachers associated with your school

  3. Locate the teacher whose overview you wish to view

  4. Click on the teacher's name from the list

Exploring Teacher Account Details

Once you click on a teacher's name, you will see a comprehensive overview of their Showbie account including the following information under 'Classes':

  • A list of the teacher's active classes, including class names and class codes.

    • The class code can be copied by simply clicking on it to easily share it with another teacher

    • The list will not show classes with co-teachers who are not approved teachers at your school.

  • The option to assign classes to a teacher via class code.

    • Classes can only be reassigned if they are taught by approved teachers from your school. If a class includes co-teachers affiliated with another school, reassignment will not be possible.

  • Teacher and Student Count: The number of teachers and students currently joined to each class.

Under 'Account', you can view and/or action the following for the selected teacher:

  • Email Information and Confirmation Status, as well as be able to resend an email confirmation

  • Send a Password Reset email

  • View and Modify their license

  • Remove the teacher from your school

Additional Note

  • Removing a teacher from your school will disconnect their account from your school’s team of teachers. They will still have access to their Showbie account, however any licenses provided by the school will be removed. Before removing a teacher from your school, we recommend taking a look at our FAQ here. Please be sure to have an active co-teacher at your school join any active classes of the teacher being removed and then block the leaving teacher from the active classes.

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