Permissions will ensure that the limit does not exist when using Showbie.

Certain features in Showbie will require special permissions. Here’s how you can control what Showbie can access!

  • How to Access Permissions
  • Types of Permissions

How to Access Permissions

  • Open your iPad Settings
  • Tap Showbie
  • Tap the sliders to toggle permissions of/off

Don’t see the same permission settings as above?

If Showbie hasn’t asked for permission, then the option to deny won’t appear.

Types of Permissions


When inviting teachers to a group, allow Showbie access to your contact to easily select who to send invitations to.


Allow Showbie access to your camera roll in order to select which photos/videos to upload.


Allow Showbie to use your iPad’s microphone to record voice notes.


Allow Showbie to access your camera so that you may take pictures/videos and upload to Showbie right away.


Toggle Showbie iOS notifications on/off. You can adjust your email preferences for Showbie so that you receive emails when something new is added.

Next Steps

With permissions all set, uploading files should be a breeze! This guide can help you out for all things related to uploading files.

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