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You can use Showbie on iOS devices via the app. We also have a web app that can be accessed via any device with a browser (your computer, phone, Chromebooks, etc). Just go to!

From left to right: iOS and Web

Tap on the button that says Sign Up for Free and you’re on your way to creating your own Showbie account.

  • I’m a Student
  • Sign Up with a Username; Signing Up with Google and Other Sign-up Options are a bit different
  • Type in your account information and then tap Sign Up when you’re done
  • A: If your teacher gave you a class code already, type it in now and then tap Join Class
  • B: Don’t have a code yet? Just tap Skip and join a class later instead


Remember that student accounts don’t need an email address. You can leave the Email field empty and still create an account.

Next Steps

Welcome to Showbie! Now that you’re all set up, try joining a class or if you’re already in a class, upload a file instead.

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