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Use voice notes for verbal instruction!

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Let your voice be heard

In Showbie, you can use voice notes to engage with your students even if they’re not in class!

Note: Showbie Basic users have a voice note length limit of 1 minute. Showbie Pro users can record longer voice notes of up to 30 minutes.

Creating a Voice Note

To create a voice note, go to a shared folder or a student’s folder and then follow the instructions below

  • Begin by tapping +

  • Tap Voice Note

  • Tap Ok to allow Showbie access to your device’s mic

  • Record your voice note by tapping Record and tap the button again to end the recording

You can playback the recording to listen to it before posting it. There will be a progress indicator showing how far you are into the recording and the length of voice note and you can pause/play the recording as you like. The rewind button will take you back to the beginning and the forward button will bring you to the end. 

You can either record from the end, adding to your existing recording; or you can record from the beginning, overwriting it. 

Once you're done, tap Post to add the voice note.

Renaming a Voice Note

  • Tap and hold the voice note until you see the Rename option appear

  • Tap Rename and type in the new name

  • When you’re finished, tap Done on your keyboard to save the name

Deleting a Voice Note


  • Swipe the voice note

  • Tap the red garbage icon to delete the voice note


  • Click the arrow next to the voice note

  • Click Delete

Allow Access to the Mic for Showbie on the iPad

Please be sure to allow access to the microphone! If you need to allow access, you can do so manually in your iPad’s settings.

  • Open your iPad Settings

  • Tap Showbie

  • Tap the slider next to Microphone to toggle permissions on/off

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