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Using the Shared Items List

Upload once and all your students get a copy!

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Now that you’ve created a class, it’s time to begin uploading assignments! The shared items acts as a container where you can store resources that are seen by all students. With a few taps or clicks, all of your students can receive their work at the same time.

Using the Shared Items List

Here’s how to find the shared items:

  1. Tap on a class

  2. Tap on an assignment

  3. Tap Shared Items

  4. You can post a comment on the text box or tap the “+” symbol to upload a file!

Pin Posts

When you upload content, you can pin posts in Shared Items. To do this on an iOS device, swipe left on the post you need and look for the pin icon:

On the web app, look for the "..." icon instead to open a menu and select the "Pin" option. This way, the pinned post will remain at the top of the assignment so important posts don't get missed!

Uploading differentiated content

In Shared Items, you'll see a message at the top that says "Sharing new posts with everyone". You can tap this message to change which students have access to your uploads (you can do the same to any content already uploaded in Shared Items). 

Upload different versions of your assignment to reach the diverse learning needs you have in your classroom! 

Tip: Through the same differentiation menu, you can select none of your students to share with No One. This way, you can upload all the relevant work for the assignment and then when you're ready, you can share it with your students as you work through the assignment.

File formats on Showbie

You can only annotate certain file formats on Showbie. Keep in mind the file format of what you are uploading and whether or not you would like the annotate it. Take a look at this guide to find out more.

Formatting Posts in the Shared Items List

You can format text that you post using the Markdown feature! This allows you to format your posts using simple symbols.

  • To bold text in a post, surround the text with double asterisks: **Example**.

  • To italicize text in a post, surround the text with single asterisks or underscores: *Example* or _example_.

  • To create bulleted lists in your post, use asterisks (*), plus signs (+), or hyphens (-) followed by a space!

  • To create numbered lists, use numbers followed by a period and a space.

*Note that you won't be able to see the text formatting until you won’t be previewed when creating the comment, but will format once the comment is actually posted.

Next Steps

You can check out these videos to help get you started or learn about workflow essentials.

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