How to copy without making it look obvious đź‘€

Classes and assignments can be copied so that you can use them again without having to make new ones all over again, saving you a lot of time! The process of copying is the same on both the iPad and the web app.

Copying Classes

When you copy a class, all assignments and their shared folders will be copied except the due dates won’t be copied. A new class code will be generated so that new students can join the new, copied class. You can even lock all of the copied assignments and unlock them when you’re ready for your students to start working on them. When locking assignments this way, the assignments will not be visible to students until you unlock them.

  • Tap on the class you’d like to copy

  • Tap on the wrench

  • Tap Class Settings

  • Tap Copy Class

  • You can change the class name if you would like or set all assignments to Locked

  • Tap on Copy Class

Note: if you have a Socrative quiz in the assignment, this will not be copied over. You'll need to launch them again in the copied class.

Is Showbie taking a long time?

Please be patient; internet speed and the number of files you’re copying might be affecting how quickly the process takes.

Next Steps

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