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Why Can’t I Annotate my Document?
Why Can’t I Annotate my Document?

An explanation for why the annotation tools don't appear.

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Not all files can be annotated

The Showbie annotation tools are available on the iPad and web for PDFs and images. If you’d like to learn more about the cross-platform features, check out this link! Here’s an example of what a file that can’t be annotated might look like:

The file above is an ePub file from the Getting Started tutorial in the Book Creator app. In the toolbar at the top where the annotation tools are usually located only the file name, grading icon, and the share icon will be available.

My file isn’t a supported file, how can I annotate?

There are plenty of programs available in the App Store that can convert files to PDF (for example). You can also try taking a screenshot of your work, and annotating the image on Showbie.

If your file is from another app, make sure you check the export/share settings for your file to see if it can be shared as a PDF or image. See Apps that Work with Showbie or contact support to request a tutorial if the app you’re working with isn’t already on the list.

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