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Troubleshooting Voice Note Playback
Troubleshooting Voice Note Playback

Having trouble playing voice notes? We've got a fix for you!

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Are you having trouble recording or playing voice notes? Take a look at our guide below for potential solutions.

Allowing access to the Microphone on iOS

Starting from iOS 7, Apple requires you to enable microphone access to each app that uses the microphone feature. The first time you use the voice note or record a video in Showbie on iOS 7 and above, you will be prompted to allow Showbie to access your iPad microphone. Microphone access must be allowed in order to record voice notes.

Tap 'OK' to enable the microphone with Showbie and you should not have to repeat this step for any further voice notes or video creations.

If you accidentally tapped Don't Allow when prompted to enable your microphone with Showbie, you will need to go back into your Settings > Privacy > and enable microphone access with Showbie.

Changing Browser Permissions for Recording Voice Notes

If the browser you use for Showbie doesn’t allow Showbie to use your microphone, you won’t be able to record voice notes. You’ll have to give the Showbie web app access to your device’s microphone to fix this. How you do this depends on which browser you’re using:

  • Chrome

  • Firefox


  • Copy and paste chrome://settings/content/microphone into the address bar

  • Find Showbie in the list and click the X to remove the block on Showbie

Try recording a voice note in Showbie again, and click Allow:

Now you’re ready to record voice notes in Chrome!


To change global permissions in Firefox:

  1. Launch Firefox and click the Menu icon.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Click Privacy & Security.

  4. Scroll down to Permissions.

  5. Click the Settings button next to the Microphone and locate Showbie in the list.

  6. Allow Microphone Permissions

Now you’re ready to record voice notes in Firefox!

Trouble playing a voice note on the Web?

Do you get the following error message when using the Showbie WebApp?:

'Unsupported voice note format.'

If so, this message means that your browser can’t play the format that the voice note was recorded in. To work around this, please try playing the voice note from any of the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge (any version)

  • Firefox 28+

  • Chrome 22+

  • Chrome for Android

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