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How does Showbie ensure the privacy of student information?
How does Showbie ensure the privacy of student information?

Learn more about how Showbie and Student Privacy go hand-in-hand

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Q. What does Showbie do to ensure privacy of student information?

A. The team behind Showbie has over 10 years in secure online Education Software development and operations. As such, we have designed Showbie entirely around ensuring student data and information are safe and secure at all times.

Here are a couple things to know about Showbie as it relates to student privacy:

  • Showbie only stores work files and feedback. We are not a student information system and do not store any private data associated with student records. We have worked hard to minimize the design of Showbie to ensure the product is focussed and does not promote users to enter additional unnecessary and potentially compromising information.

  • We require only the most basic information from a student to create an account to store work files (First name, last name). Students don’t even need to supply an email to have a Showbie account. You could even have student’s setup accounts using their First name and last initial (in the last name field of the sign up) so as feel the accounts are even more anonymous.

  • All transmission of data to and from all Showbie services is made via a highly secure https connection.

For more information please visit our Privacy Policy or Contact Us

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