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Upgrading and Downgrading Teachers
Upgrading and Downgrading Teachers

Give new teachers Pro and set old teachers to Basic

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The Admin Dashboard lets you upgrade and downgrade teachers easily. Here’s some of the finer details on how it works:

Upgrading and downgrading teachers can be performed via the Teachers tab.

  • Individual Teacher Upgrade / Downgrade

  • Bulk Teacher Upgrade / Downgrade

Individual Upgrade

To upgrade a teacher one-at-a-time:

  1. Start by selecting 'Teachers' on the left hand side of the Admin Dashboard

  2. Find the teacher you wish to upgrade or downgrade

  3. In the License column, click the drop down, and select 'Pro' if you wish to upgrade or 'Basic' if you wish to downgrade

Bulk Upgrade/Downgrade

You can also select more than one teacher in the list in order to upgrade multiple teachers at once:

  • Start in the Teachers tab

  • Hover over and click the profile picture to select the teacher(s) you'd like to upgrade or downgrade

  • Click the dropdown next to 'Modify Licenses' at the bottom of your dashboard

Note: You can also click the ellipse beside 'Manage Licenses' to be presented with other bulk options such as resending email confirmations, sending password reset emails, and removing teachers from your dashboard.

If you use the “select all” checkmark (the very first checkmark next to Name) you can easily upgrade/downgrade all eligible teachers at your school.

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