The admin dashboard lets you upgrade and downgrade teachers easily but here’s some of the finer details on how it works:

Everything in this guide can be done via the Manage or Upgrade tab.

  • Individual Upgrade / Downgrade

  • Batch Upgrade / Downgrade

  • Auto-Upgrade

  • Lapsed Teachers

Individual Upgrade

There are two ways to upgrade a teacher one-at-a-time.

  • Start in either the Manage or Upgrade tab

  • Click Upgrade next to a teacher's license

If a teacher is Pro, the dropdown menu will change and you will have the option to Downgrade them. 

This can free up a license if a teacher leaves the school which you can then reassign to a new teacher!

Batch Upgrade

You can select more than one teacher in the Manage and Upgrade tabs in order to upgrade multiple teachers:

  • Start in either the Manage or Upgrade tab

  • Click the checkmark next to the teachers you'd like to upgrade

  • Click the Upgrade button 

  • Confirm by clicking Upgrade Teachers in the message that pops up and your teachers will be upgraded!

If you use the “select all” checkmark (the very first checkmark next to Name) you can easily upgrade all eligible teachers at your school. The system will automatically recognize who is eligible for upgrade before confirming with you about who is being upgraded.


If your school has licenses available, the Admin Dashboard will automatically upgrade any active verified teacher. For this reason, it is important to make sure you’re verifying any teachers that join your school.

Lapsed Teachers

If your school’s licenses expire, Pro teachers will show up as “Lapsed” and will be downgraded to Showbie Basic. When your school purchases more licenses or renews the subscriptions, these teachers will be upgraded first.

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