Inviting Teachers

Send invites to teachers so they can find and join your school.

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Sending an invitation is how you join your teachers to your school in Showbie.

An email will be sent to teachers you invite to join your school in Showbie. Teachers new to Showbie will be walked through the account creation process while teachers with existing Showbie accounts will be able to join your school by simply clicking the link! Invites can be sent, or re-sent individually or in batches.

Inviting Teachers

Teachers can be invited using the “Invite Teachers” button on the home page, or using the “Add” button on the Teachers tab.

Via Invite Teachers:

  • Click Invite Teachers

  • Enter a single email address or copy in a comma separated list of email address in the pop up window

  • Click Send Invite(s) and a confirmation message will pop up letting you know the invitation(s) were sent!

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