Invite teachers to join your school in Showbie to easily upgrade them to Pro later on.

An email will be sent to teachers you invite to join your school in Showbie. New users can create accounts before joining and teachers with existing Showbie accounts will be able to join your school by simply clicking the link!

Invites can be sent, re-sent, and cancelled individually or in batches. Everything in this guide is done in the Invite tab of the admin dashboard!

Teacher’s school is listed as No School?

This means that the teacher’s Pro license is from the school district and the teacher has not joined a school in Showbie yet. You may invite them to join your school or they may join a school from their own account – make sure you approve them afterwards!

Here’s how you can get started with inviting teachers with Showbie’s admin dashboard:

  • Inviting Teachers Individually

  • Batch Invites

  • Resending and Cancelling Invites

Inviting Teachers Individually

  • Click Invite Teacher

  • Enter the teacher’s email address

  • Click Invite Teacher and a confirmation message will pop up letting you know the invitation was sent!

Inviting a Batch of Teachers

  • From the main dashboard screen, click Batch Invite

  • Enter the email addresses of the teachers you are inviting and separate each email address with a comma

  • Click Submit Emails

  • Showbie will tell you if any teachers are already part of the school account or have already been invited

  • Click Invite Teachers

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