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Keep your Shared Folder organized!

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1, 2, 3... 3, 2, 1? 🤔 What about 2, 1, 3? 😱

The latest Showbie post will appear at the very top of the folder by default, but if you want to reorder a post in the Shared Folder then all it takes is a tap!

  • Start in the Shared Folder in an assignment

  • Tap and hold the reorder button for the file you'd like to move

  • Drag the file to its new home!

Reordering can be useful if you'd like your students to complete work in a certain order. This can also come in handy if there's a specific post that you'd like to keep at the top of the folder to make sure that your students see it first!

I can't reorder anything! 

Make sure you're in the Shared Items of an assignment! The reordering button will also only appear if you have at least two posts.

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