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Showbie and Socrative Integration
Setting Up Your Connection to Socrative
Setting Up Your Connection to Socrative
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The Socrative Integration is a Pro feature so you'll need both Showbie Pro and Socrative Pro to use this feature. If you don’t yet have Showbie or Socrative Pro but you’d like to use this integration, get in touch with our team by contacting

If you have all of that setup already, you can connect your Socrative account from your profile settings:

  • Login to Showbie and tap your profile photo (or profile name if you don't have a photo) at the top left corner

  • Tap Connect to Socrative

You'll see a message that explains the benefits of connecting Socrative to Showbie. Tap on Learn More to see all the cool things you can do! 

Once you're ready, tap Sign In to Socrative:

  • Enter your Socrative login details to sign in

  • A message to request access to your Socrative account will be shown. Tap Allow Access to connect your account!

Your next step is to connect a Socrative Room to a Showbie Class. Use this guide to learn how.

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