From the admin dashboard, school/district admins can request services to start using Showbie quickly and easily. 

Showbie offers these services:

  • Create teacher accounts

  • Create student accounts

  • Add teachers/students to classes

  • Link teachers to school account

  • Create parent accounts

  • Link parent accounts to student accounts

  • Auditor oversight account creation

  • Archive classes

  • Add/change administrators on account

  • School/district reporting

For more information on the admin services we offer, check out this PDF!

Note: When submitting a request as a district admin, if you select a specific school in the dropdown menu, your request will be for that school only and not the whole district.

To submit a request, login to the admin dashboard via Once logged in, click on the Admin Tools button near the top-right corner:

You'll see a quick overview message of what you can do with the admin tools:

  • Click on Let's get started

  • Select as many options as you'd like; scroll down to find more options! 

Depending on which services you've selected, you'll be prompted to download template forms to fill out. Please make sure to complete the entire form fully and Submit. Once done, we'll review and fulfill the request within 5 business days. 

Also please note, requests can only be fulfilled within the same school/district. Requests in a different school/district will not be fulfilled. 

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