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Wondering how email confirmation works? Here are some frequently asked questions to help:

How are email addresses confirmed?

An email (like the screenshot below) with a user-specific link is sent to the teacher’s email address. Once the link is clicked, their email will show up as confirmed (blue checkmark) in the admin dashboard.

How long are the confirmation links valid?

Confirmation links are valid for 24 hours. After that, they will expire and teachers will need a new email confirmation link.

Can confirmation emails be resent?

Confirmation emails can be resent through the admin dashboard using the “Confirm email” action in the teacher’s row.

Teacher's can also request a new confirmation email via their profile.

Are there other ways to receive a confirmation email?

Teachers will automatically receive confirmation emails when they sign up for a new account (using an email/password) or when they change their email address and as they continue to make additions to Showbie.

Can teacher email addresses be automatically confirmed without a confirmation email?

When a new teacher signs up for their account using a single sign-on option or joins a school through an invite sent from the admin dashboard, their email address will be automatically confirmed.

What happens if a teacher changes their email address?

When a teacher changes their email address, they are automatically sent a confirmation email to their new email address. If that teacher is an approved teacher at a school, the school admin will also receive a notification of the change in email address. This will not affect the teacher’s status (approved/pending) at the school.

Does confirming your email address affect your use of Showbie?

Confirming your email address does not currently affect your ability to use Showbie.

Why should I encourage teachers to confirm their email addresses?

Having your teachers confirm their email addresses enhances the security of your Showbie school by making it easier to identify accounts that don’t belong. Having a confirmed email address also allows teachers to easily reset their passwords and can be an early indicator of mistyped email addresses.

What if teachers sign up using SSO (Google, Microsoft, or Feide)?

If a teacher signs up using a single sign on provider (SSO), their email address will be auto confirmed.

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