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Obtaining and Activating Your Pro License Key
Obtaining and Activating Your Pro License Key

Apply a license key to your account to get Pro!

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As the Socrative Integration in Showbie is a Pro feature, you'll need both Showbie Pro and Socrative Pro to use the integration. If your school does not yet subscribe to Showbie or Socrative Pro but you’d like to use the integration, please get in touch with our Sales team by contacting or if you’re interested in upgrading as an individual teacher, you can upgrade via our Plans page.

Once you’ve purchased your Socrative Pro license you will be emailed a receipt confirming your payment, upgrade, and License Key. If your school subscribes to both Showbie and Socrative Pro, please contact the Showbie Administrator at your school as they will be able to provide you with your Pro License Key.

Note that if you’ve purchased an individual Socrative Pro license for yourself on or after July 21, 2023, a Pro license key does not need to be activated after your purchase. Your Socrative account will be automatically upgraded! If you've purchased as part of your school, you will still need to activate your license key.

To activate the license key, you’ll need to login to Socrative through the Socrative Website or App, click on your name at the top right corner, and go to Profile:

In the Account header, you can view your account details. If you already have Pro, click on the Renew License button. If you're using the Basic version of Socrative, click on Upgrade.

(Left: Current Pro user/Right: Basic user.)

The link will expand into a new menu. Click on Enter License Key:

A new menu will show up to allow you to enter your license key:

Enter your license key and click Activate. Your account will be immediately upgraded to Pro!

Once you have your License Key and have applied it to your Socrative Account, the next step is to Connect Showbie to Socrative! Use this guide to learn how.

Need to cancel your Socrative Pro or Starter Subscription instead? No problem. Take a look here to learn how.

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