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How to request a refund/cancellation for your school subscription

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It's hard to say goodbye, but we're here to make this transition easier for you.

Here's how to request a refund/cancellation for your subscription:

Subscriptions for schools, school districts, and businesses may be cancelled with a full refund up to 15 days following the subscription start date. Please note that requests for refunds following this 15 day period will not be fulfilled.

If you would like to request a refund on a recent subscription purchase please contact

Please keep in mind...

  • Refunds will be issued to whichever payment method was initially used to make the payment.

  • Refunds issued via credit card may incur additional fees if exchanging from non-USD or non-CAD currencies.

Looking to cancel an individual subscription instead? Check out our Showbie Solo Pro Refund Policy here.

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