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Transitioning Your Classroom to Showbie
Transitioning Your Classroom to Showbie

Showbie makes the most of tools you’re already using to help you take your teaching even further.

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Completing your ed tech ecosystem.

Whether your school is using Microsoft or Google, Showbie works seamlessly alongside your technology platform.

Making the most of Showbie on iOS

Showbie and iPad go together like biscuits and tea. Here are some ways to make the most of iPad tools with Showbie.

App Smashing With Showbie

With virtually no limits on the types of files you can upload into Showbie, sharing rich engaging multi-media files with your students is easy!

Learn more about apps you can use with Showbie including: Keynote, Pages, Book Creator and Notability, among others.

Showbie + Socrative: your complete assessment toolkit

Integrated quizzing, assessment, automated marking, and reporting with Socrative Pro. Launch quizzes directly from within Showbie to connect lessons to formative and summative assessment.

Explain Everything

Create engaging lessons and embed collaborative whiteboarding in Showbie with our Explain Everything integration.

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