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Creating an Assignment

After creating a class, create an assignment to post files and share resources for your students.

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A cornerstone of Showbie: the Assignment

The assignment is where you keep track of the work students do. To start, go to your class first:

  • Tap the wrench

  • Tap New Assignment

  • Type in your assignment’s title, set a due date, and then tap Save

Other Assignment Settings

Once you have made an assignment, editing assignment settings brings up new options: Edit Schedule, Export Grades, and Copy Assignment. Find out more about what they mean here.

Active Assignment Limit

As a Pro teacher, you'll be able to have an unlimited number of active assignments. Basic Teachers will be able to have up to 10 active assignments. Archive an assignment to reduce the number of active assignments you have. You'll get a message that looks like this:

You can see how many active assignments you have in the bottom corner next to your sidebar or in your profile.

Next Steps

Now that your assignment is set up, take a look at this video to learn about workflow essentials.

You’re well on your way to an awesome workflow with Showbie! Next, learn how to upload files!

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