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Additional Sign-In Options: Google SSO, Microsoft SSO, Feide, & UniLogin
Additional Sign-In Options: Google SSO, Microsoft SSO, Feide, & UniLogin

More sign in options to access your Showbie account quickly and securely!

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Typing in to sign in every time is too much 🐝

Showbie is compatible with Google, Microsoft, and Feide Single Sign-On accounts which you can use to access Showbie quickly and securely! Whether you are still signing up or you want to link your current Showbie account, you can link the two together either on the iPad or the Web.

For Feide users

Please note that your administrator must have Feide enabled for your school before you can create/link a Showbie account with Feide.

Signing Up

On an iOS device, install the Showbie app to get started. The web app is also available on any browser using any device. Just go to!

Once you're ready, tap Get Started (iOS) and choose your role (Student, Teacher, or Parent).

Then, create your new Showbie account by choosing your sign-in partner: Google, Microsoft, Feide, or UniLogin:

A new window will appear for you to enter your login credentials to link your new Showbie account with your sign-in option. You can now sign into Showbie securely and easily - no additional passwords are required!

Existing Accounts

Existing accounts can be linked through the Sign-In Options setting under your profile.

  1. Tap your name or profile picture in the bottom left corner on the iOS Showbie app. If you’re using the web version of Showbie, you’ll find it in the top right corner.

  2. Tap Sign-In & Security

  3. Tap on Connect to Enable Google/Microsoft/Feide/Unilogin Sign-In 

  4. A new window will appear for you to enter your login credentials to link your Showbie account with your sign-in option

Keep in mind!

Now that you’ve linked your Showbie account, when you’re signing into Showbie, remember to tap on Other Sign-In Options to sign in with your chosen provider.

Maybe you want to disable your SSO account. No problem! Just tap on your profile picture and follow the same steps as above to toggle off (disable) your SSO connections.

You can also set or change your Showbie password using a similar process.

Oops! Getting this error message?

“Sorry, looks like there was a problem signing into your Google/Microsoft account. Please try again.” Try signing into Showbie with your username and password, then follow the instructions above to re-link your Showbie account to your sign-in partner.

Next Steps

You’re on your way to personalizing your account! Learn how to change your profile picture, set your language or customize your notification settings.

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