There are a couple of ways you can sign up on Showbie.

This guide can help you get started with signing up on the iOS or on the Web! Signing up on either one is similar so don’t worry too much about which device you are using.

Signing Up

On an iOS device, install the Showbie app to get started. We also have a web app that can be accessed via any device with a browser (your computer, phone, Chromebooks, etc). Just go to!

From left to right: iOS and Web

Tap on Sign up for Free and you’re on the way to making an account!

  • Tap on I’m a Teacher

  • Choose either to sign up with email or Google. You can tap on Sign Up with Google or Other Sign-Up Options. Here’s a guide for some help.

  • Set a name, email, and password for your account

  • Enter the name of your school and tap Join

Next, you'll be prompted to enter in more information about yourself. We'd love to learn more about you!

Here, you can select from a few roles:

  • Teacher

  • Administrator/School Leader

  • IT/Technology

  • Other

Choose one that is most accurate for your role. You can enter in your phone number as well if you'd like. The phone number is for contacting you about your account or learning opportunities. It will not be displayed or posted publicly nor shared with any third parties. If you prefer, you can skip this step as well.

Afterwards, you can start with creating your first class and assignment or skip them for now to hop right into the app!

Next Steps

Now that your account is all set, feel free to explore around a bit! You can check out these videos to help get you started or learn about workflow essentials.

When you’re ready, you can create a class or add students.

Other guides to check out:

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