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Auditor Oversight Account

An Auditor Oversight Account can be created to give you insight and control over the classes and students in your school.

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About the Auditor Oversight Account

The Auditor Oversight Account is a Showbie user account that gives access to all eligible, active classes within your school. It is intended to provide your school or district admins with specific oversight and management controls within eligible classes.

Auditor accounts can access assignments, teachers, and students within synced classes, and it is useful for:

Accessing Classes with the Auditor Oversight Account

Classes will sync to the Auditor Oversight Account at least once every two business days – the account will be automatically added to eligible classes and removed from ineligible classes.

For a class to eligible to appear in the Auditor Account, it must have been created (or have activity from a teacher account) in the last 90 days and can only have teachers or co-teachers belonging to your school. Please see the Important Notes section below for more details on class eligibility.

Important Notes on Eligible Classes:

  • Classes with Teachers from Your School – Only the classes of teachers approved and upgraded to Showbie Pro will be visible within the Auditor Oversight Account.

    • Classes with co-teachers associated with other schools will be excluded from the Auditor Oversight Account.

  • Classes that were Recently Created – Classes created in the last 90 days will be visible in the Auditor Oversight Account.

    • Beyond the first 90 days, classes will need to have recent activity to be visible within the Auditor Oversight Account.

  • Classes with Recent Activity – Classes that have had teacher or student posts within the last 90 days are considered active and will be added to the Auditor Oversight Account.

    • A teacher or student post includes a comment, file upload, or voice note within an assignment (including hidden assignments).

    • Posts made by the Auditor account itself will not count for this activity – posts must be made by a teacher or student account.

Requesting Access to the Auditor Oversight Account

If you do not yet know your credentials for your Auditor Oversight Account, please email our Customer Experience team via You can also request the creation of an Auditor account by submitting an Import Services request through the Admin Dashboard. Once the request is submitted, our team will respond within five business days.

Once you have the credentials, the Auditor Oversight Account can be accessed by logging into Showbie through the same sign-in page as a teacher account. The Auditor Oversight Account will be visible in the teacher list of your admin dashboard, and it does not need to be upgraded to Pro and does not use any of your school's Showbie Pro licenses.

Changing the Password for the Auditor Oversight Account

If you need to reset your password for your Auditor Oversight Account, please contact our Customer Experience team at

For best security practices, if there are any staffing changes in your organization, please reset the password within the account or contact us for assistance.

Keeping the Auditor Oversight Account Active

To keep your school’s Auditor Oversight Account active, be sure to log in at least once within each 90-day period. If you do not log into the Auditor account, it will become temporarily inactive. Logging back in will re-activate the account and initiate the class sync within the next two business days.

Teachers can help keep classes active and eligible for Auditor account access by posting to an assignment (including hidden assignments) from their teacher account at least once every 90 days.

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