Archiving Classes and Assignments
Archive your classes and assignments to clear the clutter and then unarchive them when you need them again.
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Classes and assignments go away, come again some other day 👋

Classes and assignments can be archived and unarchived at any time. Archiving a class is useful as it hides unnecessary classes from your daily view, and it keeps your files safe in case you need them again. It’s sort of like deleting, but with a safety net! With Showbie, you’ll never accidentally lose your classes.

There are two ways to archive and unarchive things in Showbie: iOS devices can use the swipe method and all devices can go through the Settings.

Active Assignment Limit

In Showbie Basic, teachers can maintain up to ten active assignments at a time. Active assignments can be viewed and modified by teachers, and viewed and modified by students based on their assignment access settings. Teachers can archive assignments at any time to reduce their count of active assignments. You will only be able to unarchive items if it doesn’t put you over the 10 active assignment limit.

Accessing Archived Assignments

Archived assignments can’t be viewed or modified by teachers or students. Teachers must restore an assignment in order to view or modify its contents.

In Showbie Basic, archived assignments can be restored for up to 90 days from the time they were archived. After 90 days, assignments archived in a Showbie Basic account can no longer be restored without upgrading to Showbie Pro.

Showbie Pro teachers can maintain an unlimited number of active assignments. Archived assignments never expire, and can always be restored. Archived assignments may be permanently deleted at the teacher’s discretion.

How to Archive

Swipe (iOS only)

Swipe from right to left directly over the class/assignment you’d like to archive/unarchive and then tap the red button.

The Other Button

That’s the Copy button! Tap on that button to make a copy of the class/assignment.

Settings (iOS, Web)


  • Open the class/assignment you’d like to archive before tapping on the wrench

  • Select Class/Assignment Settings in menu

  • Tap Archive Class/Assignment


  • Tap on the wrench

  • Tap on the slider next to Show Archived and your archived items will appear at the bottom

  • Tap on what you’d like to Restore

  • In the menu that pops out, tap Restore Class/Assignment and it’ll reappear with your active classes/assignments

Next Steps

  • Doing a bit of cleanup for a new set of classes and assignments? Try checking out our Getting Ready for the New School Year guide for best practices

  • Maybe you don’t want the items to come back – delete them instead and say farewell forever!

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