Copying Assignments

Create copies of assignments to reuse them with other classes

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Copying an assignment can be useful when you want to use the same materials in different classes such as a class in a different time slot or in a new semester.

To Copy an Assignment into another Class:

  • Go to the assignment that you would like to copy

  • Select the wrench icon

  • Select Make a Copy

Make a Copy on Web (left) and iOS (right)

Make a Copy on Web (left) and iOS (right)

  • Select the class or folder where you would like to save a copy of the assignment

    • Tap on a class to reveal the folders in that class

    • Tap on folder to reveal its sub-folders

  • Once you have selected a class or folder, tap Copy Assignment

Copy Assignment Confirmation Screenshot

Note: if you have a Socrative quiz in the assignment, this will not be copied over.

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