Copying an assignment can be useful when you want to use the same materials in different classes such as a class in a different time slot or in a new semester.

  • Go to the assignment that you’d like to copy

  • Tap on the wrench icon to open the assignment settings

  • Tap Copy Assignment

  • Choose a single class you’d like to copy the assignment to or tap the icon at the top-right corner to select multiple classes

  • Tap the green Copy Assignment button at the bottom of the list when you've made your selection

Note: if you have a Socrative quiz in the assignment, this will not be copied over. You'll need to launch them again in the copied class.

Copying Assignments into Class Folders

You can also copy assignments directly into class folders. Start by going into any assignment and tap the wrench icon to open the assignment settings:

  • Tap Copy Assignment

  • Select a class that has class folders in them (these are indicate by the arrow on the right side of the class name)

  • Choose the class folder you'd like to copy to

  • Tap the green Copy Assignment button

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