Reviewing your Current Administrators

Regularly reviewing the members of your team with Showbie Administrator privileges is an important part of keeping your Showbie school secure. Administrators have access to the Admin Dashboard, where teacher licenses are managed and school Analytics can be viewed and assessed.

To view your current Administrators, login to the Admin Dashboard and navigate to 'School Settings' in the left hand menu:

Once there, you will be able to review a list of your active Administrators!

If the district is chosen from the school selector, only district Administrators will be visible. If a school within the district is chosen from the school selector (as in the image below), both school and district Administrators will be visible:

Note that District Administrators have access to all schools within the district, whereas School level Admins only have access to the school they administer.

Adding or Changing your Showbie Admins

Once you've reviewed your current list of Administrators, you might want to make changes to those who have access. To do so, navigate to 'School Settings' in the left hand menu and select the 'Request Changes' option. If you have selected the district, rather than the school - this will say 'District Settings'. Here you will be able to request additional Admins or revoke access of those currently existing.

  • New Admins must have a Showbie Teacher account in order to be granted admin privileges. If they don’t already have an account, send them an invitation!

  • District Admins can request changes for both school and other district Admins. However, School Admins can only request changes at the School level.

We recommend you review your Showbie Admins every year to keep your Showbie School secure. Thanks for doing your part!

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