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Get a quick overview of your assignments in a class!

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When your number of assignments are getting a little too high, it can be tough to see which needs your attention the most. Luckily there's the assignment overview! This gives you a summarized view of your assignment so you can quickly see which assignments and students you may need to check on.

To find it, go to the class you need and tap the wrench icon and select Overview:

Here, you'll be able to see your assignments all in one place.

Certain icons will show to let you know if you've given feedback to a student or if the student has submitted work. And if you've added a grade (whether as a score, emoji, or comment), they'll show up in place of the icons.

Need a refresher on what those icons mean? Check out this guide!

You can also filter the assignments if you have class folders in Showbie. Look for the dropdown arrow at the top of the screen to select a class folder:

At the top-right corner, there's also the Share button where you can download/export the grades you've added.

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