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Showbie & Socrative Integration
How does Showbie Integrate with Socrative?
How does Showbie Integrate with Socrative?
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Showbie and Socrative are both educational technology tools that can be used to support teaching and learning. Socrative is a powerful quizzing and assessment tool that integrates with Showbie's classroom management and feedback tools.

To learn more about how Socrative integrates with Showbie check out our What's Socrative? article.

Although Showbie Inc. owns both the Showbie App and Socrative App they are two separate applications that share many similarities but also have some differences. Both Showbie and Socrative adhere to our commitment to cyber security. Protecting your privacy is fundamental to our mission and both Showbie and Socrative are compliant with industry leading data privacy frameworks, like GDPR.

Socrative's data protection summary

  • Socrative will never sell your personal data to third parties.

  • Socrative does not engage in any personal predictive profiling. For example, Socrative does not collect ip addresses for user profiling.

  • The Socrative App does not display advertising of any kind.

  • Socrative users retain ownership of their data.

  • All Socrative user data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

  • We continually protect your data using industry-wide best practices.

What data is shared between Showbie and Socrative?

The Socrative App stores a minimal amount of personal data and if configured properly can be used without storing any student personally identifiable information (PII).

When Socrative is integrated with Showbie, the only data that is shared to Socrative is:

  • student display name

  • email address (only if it exists, for distributing Socrative reports directly to students)

Showbie and Socrative differences in data processing

Although Showbie Inc. owns both the Showbie App and Socrative App, Socrative is built with different technologies and has a separate Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Here is a list of some other major differences between Showbie and Socrative:

For more information please refer to the Socrative Data Processing Addendum.

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