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What happens when my account is deleted?
What happens when my account is deleted?

Review our account deletion process and the impact of deleting your data

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When do we delete user accounts?

There are several ways that user accounts may be deleted in Showbie. Firstly, users can request deletion of their data under GDPR's right to erasure. A similar deletion process will also apply in cases where a school or district administrator requests deletion of user accounts for users belonging to their school (such as when students graduate or when teachers leave the school). In the case that deletion of your account is requested by another user, you will always be notified in advance and given time to revoke the deletion request if applicable. Administrators cannot request deletion of user accounts that do not belong to their institution.

Secondly, in the case that a school, district, kommune, trust, or municipality customer requests migration of their data from our AWS US Data Centre (Virginia, USA) to our AWS EU Data Centre (Stockholm, Sweden), the source data housed in the US will be deleted once the migration is completed. This means that any approved user accounts belonging to that institution that were not selected to be included in the data migration will be deleted following a 6 month waiting period. During this waiting period the account is disabled and can be reactivated if necessary. Disabled means that the user cannot login to their account though the account and its contents are still saved.

Lastly, we may delete user accounts if the account is inactive and is not associated with a Showbie Pro subscription (either an Individual or a School & District subscription). Inactive means that the user has not logged into their Showbie account for more than two years. This is to ensure that we are not retaining user PII (personally identifiable information) for longer than is necessary in order to limit risks to user privacy. You will be notified prior to deletion of your inactive account and given the option to reactivate your account if you do not wish for it to be deleted.

What are the impacts to other users in Showbie?

Because users interact and collaborate with each other in most areas of Showbie, there are impacts to others when your account is deleted. For example, other users will no longer be able to see content such as annotations you've made or files you've uploaded. If you're a teacher, Classes, Assignments and Groups that you've created will either be deleted or reassigned to other teachers which impacts any connected students and parents. If the deletion of another user's account will impact you, you will be notified in advance. Below is a comprehensive overview of the impacts of account deletion for each user type.

When a Student is deleted:

  • The student's folders are removed from assignments within classes

  • All teacher posts and annotations to that student are also removed

  • All student posts in a class discussion or group are removed

  • Parent associations are also deleted

When a Teacher is deleted:

  • Classes owned by that teacher are deleted (shared posts and grades) unless first reassigned to another teacher

  • Student data associated to that teachers classes are also deleted (including portfolio items)

  • All teacher posts in a class discussion or group are removed

When a co-teacher is deleted:

  • If classes owned by the teacher have co-teachers, the class ownership is transferred to the co-teacher

  • Grades marked by the co-teacher are changed to “anonymous user”

  • Shared posts in class assignments are changed to “anonymous user”

  • Shared voice notes are permanently deleted (even on shared assignments) as recordings of a person's voice are considered PII

When a parent is deleted:

  • Student associations to the parent are deleted

  • Comments and files uploaded to groups are deleted

When an administrator is deleted:

  • Access to the Admin Dashboard is revoked

  • All impacts of teacher account deletion listed above will also apply to administrator accounts that are associated to classes

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