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A quick way to monitor and evaluate your students learning via Formative Assessment

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On the lookout for a swift and efficient way to assess your students' learning progress? Look no further! Dive into the exciting preview of Quick Questions in Showbie – a feature brought to you by Socrative. Now, you can effortlessly create and launch questions in real-time during your lessons, all without ever leaving the Showbie app.

Formative assessment is a game-changer! Here's why:

  • Instantly confirm that your class grasps the material, leaving no room for misconceptions.

  • Save valuable time by pinpointing lessons that require additional guidance, while smoothly gliding over topics your class already understands.

  • Identify gaps in understanding and tailor your lessons accordingly. Bridge those knowledge voids with precision.

How do I launch a Quick Question?

Integrating Quick Questions into your lessons is simple. You can launch a question in either Class Discussions or directly in the Shared Items of an assignment. To do so, click on the paddle icon to insert a question.

Once you do, you can type in a question and up to four answer choices. You can choose to leave these blank if you prefer to ask the questions and answers verbally or display them elsewhere (such as written on the board).

Then click Launch Question to make it visible to your students. Your results will then be presented as 'In Progress'.

Click the export icon in the top right to save the results for future reference or sharing purposes. Keep in mind that if you skip the download, the results will not be saved elsewhere in Showbie.

To finish your Quick Question, click End Assessment.

Notes on Quick Questions

  • Only one Quick Question can be launched at a time.

  • If a Quick Question is launched in the Class Discussion of a class, it must be accessed within that Class Discussion. If it is launched within an assignment, it must be accessed within that assignment.

  • Students can only submit one response to each Quick Question.

How do Students submit answers to Quick Questions?

To answer a quick question as a student, a teacher in the class will first need to launch the Quick Question as shown above. The student will then need to navigate to the class discussion or assignment in which the Quick Question was launched and click Answer Question.

The student can then select any one of the answers or responses and select Submit Answer. Students can only submit one response to each Quick Question.

Contact Us with Feedback

Quick Questions is currently in preview mode, and we're eager to hear your thoughts! Please reach out to support@showbie.com with any feedback.

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