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Sometimes, a student will forget their username or password, and have difficulty logging into Showbie. You can reset your student’s password easily with a few quick steps via the class settings or the student tab – the latter may be faster if you need to reset multiple student passwords.

Class Settings

  • Tap on the class that your student is in
  • Tap the edit menu (wrench)
  • Tap Class members
  • Tap the student’s name
  • Tap Reset Password

Student Tab

  • Tap Students
  • Select the student whose password needs to be reset or you can use the search bar to find the student quickly
  • Tap on the student’s portrait
  • Tap Reset Password

A randomly-generated password will be shown - share this password with your student along with their username. Keep in mind, the password is case-sensitive. 

You can also use the search and sort function to find students quickly.

You can sort students whether you're in the Class Members menu or in the Students tab! 

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