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The place teachers visit to help manage student accounts!

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The Students Tab is where teachers navigate to assist students in managing their accounts.

Teachers can easily view their students in one place. What is accessible via the Students Tab in Showbie?

  • A listing of every student across a teacher’s Showbie classes

  • Direct and quick access to each student’s Portfolio

  • Ability to view each student’s username, reset their password, and/or QR code

  • View at a glance the parent code, linked parent, or invite a parent directly

How can teachers view a listing of all of their students in Showbie?

Upon entering the Students tab in Showbie, teachers will see a listing of their students who are in each of their Showbie classes:

How can teachers quickly access a student’s Portfolio?

Once a student is selected from the list, the teacher will see the view below:

From here, teachers can select the student’s Portfolio (shown with the star icon), as well as access all of the student’s assignments and classes.

How can teachers view their student’s username & reset their password?

Teacher’s can also view, enable, disable, or refresh a student’s QR code.

To do this:

  1. Search for the student’s name whose code needs to be viewed, enabled, disabled, or refreshed.

  2. Tap on their Profile Icon.

  3. A menu will pop up for the student's profile. This is where teachers can find their username and email (if they have one- students are only required to have a username in Showbie), as well as QR code options.

  4. Select ‘QR Code’ from the list.

  5. Here, teachers will have the option to enable/disable the QR code, download the QR code, or refresh the code.

How can teachers view at a glance the parent code, linked parent, or invite a parent directly?

  • Go to the Student tab

  • Select the student whose parent code you would like to view or invite

  • Tap on the student’s profile picture

  • Tap on Parents

Once there, teachers will see already linked parents, as well as have the option to invite another parent, view or copy the parent code!

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