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How to Reset a Student's Password and Find Their Username
How to Reset a Student's Password and Find Their Username

Teachers can reset student passwords for them and look up usernames.

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If a student forgets their password, as a teacher you can reset their password for them. You can also find their username in the same spot. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Tap on the Students tab (in the iPad App this is on the left side of the screen, in the website version of Showbie, it's at the top). 

2. Search for the student's name and select it.
3. Tap on their Profile Icon. 

4. Up will pop a box for the student's profile. This is where you can find their Username and Email (if they have one- students are only required to have a username.)

5. If you need to change their password, tap Change Password. You can then enter a new password for them. If a username is not added for the student yet, you will be prompted to set a username as well. 

If you need a list of student usernames in your class, please visit this article, Exporting Student Usernames and Emails

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