Approving Teachers

Approve teachers to upgrade them easily

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Any teachers who have joined your school through Showbie, will need to be approved by the you before they can be officially added and managed in the Admin Dashboard.

You can approve teachers in two ways, either via the Quick Start option on the homepage of the dashboard:

Or, via the Teachers tab on the left hand side, followed by selecting Pending Requests in the top right hand corner:

Then, you will see your 'Join Requests' which you can either approve or decline. Join Requests are Showbie Teachers who have created their own accounts and are requesting to be added to your school.

You will want to be sure that you only approve teachers who actually belong to your school. As an enhanced security measure, we recommend making sure teachers have confirmed their email address (indicated by a blue checkmark) before you approve them. If there are changes in staffing, you can always remove teachers later.

If you accidentally decline a teacher, have no fear! You can always resend an invitation later.

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