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Confirming Teacher Email Addresses
Confirming Teacher Email Addresses

Verify teacher emails through the admin dashboard

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Getting your teachers to confirm their email address ensures that the account you are adding to your school is actually your teacher by getting them to click a link sent to their email address. This keeps your school secure, allows you to double check for potential typos in email addresses and ensures that your teachers are able to receive notifications from Showbie.

Sending email confirmations

To start, admins will need to log into the admin dashboard and head to the Teachers tab.

Once there, look for the icon beside each other your teacher's emails:

  • A blue check mark signifies that their email is already confirmed.

  • A yellow exclamation point signifies that they are awaiting confirmation. Hover over the exclamation point and click Resend confirmation to confirm a teacher's email. Once confirmed, they'll get a blue checkmark icon to indicate that their email is confirmed.

Sending Email Confirmations in Bulk

To send email confirmations in bulk, use bulk actions.

  1. Set the filter to only Unconfirmed emails

  2. Use the left most Select All bubble in the header row

  3. Click the three dots icon in the bulk actions bar to resend email confirmations

Email confirmation links are only valid for 24 hours. Teachers will continue to receive email confirmations as they add classes, folders, and assignments in Showbie, but admins can also resend confirmation emails through the admin dashboard. For more information, check out this FAQ article.

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