Deactivating Teachers

Teachers can be deactivated from Showbie via the Admin Dashboard

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Have teachers retired, moved on, or left your school or district? If so, it's important for Showbie Administrators to regularly audit their teacher list at the beginning and end of each school year. This helps ensure accurate licensing allocation and tracking of current teachers. *If a teacher is moving schools within your district, it is not necessary to deactivate them. Instead, please use the Transfer option within Import Services.

Deactivating a teacher's account removes their access to Showbie. However, active classes, assignments, and students will remain accessible to your school. For classes where the teacher is the sole owner, discussions will be paused and class registration set to closed. If the teacher has a Pro license, it can be reassigned to another teacher once the account is deactivated.

Tip: If a teacher is leaving your school but has active classes, it's recommended to have an active co-teacher take over those classes. You can easily reassign their classes to another active teacher from the teacher overview. You can do this before or after the teacher is deactivated.

Deactivating an Individual Teacher

Just like you can use the dropdown menu to upgrade/downgrade individual teachers in the Teachers tab, you can also use it to deactivate a teacher! You can deactivate any teacher regardless of their license.

Deactivating Multiple Teachers

  1. From the Teachers tab, hover over the profile of the teachers you wish to deactivate, and then click to select those teachers.

  2. On the teacher list, look for the checkmark icons to select the teachers you need to deactivate.

  3. At the bottom of your screen, you will see the number of teachers you have selected.

  4. Click the 3-dot icon (next to 'Modify Licenses') and select 'Deactivate'.

All verified and unverified teachers can be deactivated, regardless of their status. If you are deactivating multiple teachers in bulk, be sure to select only the teachers you wish to actually remove Showbie access from.


  • You can re-activate a teacher at any time. If they require a pro license, they will need to be re-upgraded to Pro at that time.

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