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The FAQs and nothing but the FAQs!

We have collected frequently asked questions for and about Showbie Admins in this article. Detailed guides are linked as needed. Use the below table of contents to quickly navigate to what you're looking for.

Table of Contents:

Administering Teachers

How do I get my teachers to appear in my Admin Dashboard?

The easiest way to add teachers is to invite them to join your school in the Admin Dashboard. Once they accept, you will be able to manage their licenses.

Teachers can also select your school at sign up. If they do, they will show in the ‘Pending Requests’ area where they will need to be approved or denied. Once approved by you, you will be able to manage their licenses.

Why do I need to confirm/verify teachers’ email addresses?

Confirming your teachers’ email addresses is important as it ensures that you can double-check for potential typos in email addresses and know that your teachers are able to receive notifications from Showbie.

One of my teachers said that their verification email expired, what do I do?

You can simply send another one! Beside their name in the Admin Dashboard, there will be an ‘!’ icon. If you give that a click, you’ll see you have the option to resend the verification email.

What does it mean for a teacher to be joined to my school?

If a teacher is in your Admin Dashboard, this means that you (or a fellow Administrator) invited them to join your school. As a teacher, joining your school simply shows the school affiliation in their profile. As an Administrator, this affiliation allows you to manage their license, send them a password reset email, and view pertinent analytics relating to the teacher’s students & classes.

What does each different Teacher status mean?

  • Pending - The teacher has not yet activated their Showbie Account

  • Synced Member - The teacher's account is synced with an MIS or Record Management System

  • Member - Teacher is a member of the school added by Admin invitation or Import Services Request

  • Deactivated - Teacher account has been deactivated

A teacher is leaving my school, what should I do?

When a teacher leaves your school, it is recommended that you deactivate their account. Deactivating a teacher's account removes their access to Showbie. We recommend reassigning or archiving any active classes so that student class lists remain up-to-date.

Administering Classes

Can I create classes for my teachers?

You can create classes for your teachers if you’d like. To do this, you’ll need to sign into Showbie and begin creating classes as a teacher manually. Once they are created, we can assist you in adding the designated teacher to each class in bulk via our Import Services. Teachers can also create classes on their own. Once the class is active, it will appear in your Admin Analytics dashboard!

How do I tell the difference between all of my teacher’s classes?

We recommend having a school naming convention for your teachers to follow in order to easily distinguish and keep track of your classes. For example, you may want to use: Subject, Teacher's Last Name, and Year - so the class may be English, Smith, 2023. This is just an example. Please use whatever you are comfortable with!

Can I archive or restore my teacher’s classes at the end and beginning of the school year?

Yes! This can be done in bulk via our Import Services. You will need the class codes for each class you are looking to archive/restore.

Administering Students

How do students create accounts?

Students can create accounts individually, via the app or following this guide. We can also create student accounts for you in bulk via our Import Services.

I’m trying to sign up a student for a new Showbie account but Showbie is saying the ‘username is taken’, why?

Usernames in Showbie must be unique across all of Showbie, not just your school. As such, common usernames like first initial + last name, may already be in use by another Showbie student. We recommend using a memorable naming convention with student usernames, for example: student name+year. Please note that there cannot be spaces or special characters other than a period/full stop in student usernames.

Auditor Oversight Account

What’s the difference between my Administrator account and my Auditor Oversight Account?

The Administrator Account is what you use to access From there you can manage teachers, licenses, and school analytics. Your Auditor Oversight Account is an additional account we can create for you. This account can be shared amongst Admins at the school and is added to all classes in the school as a co-teacher so that you can have oversight and quick, easy access to all of your teachers’ classes. Use this account when you need to appoint a co-teacher, reset a student's password, archive or restore a class, and view class content.

How do I get an Auditor Oversight Account?

If you do not yet have one, you can request one from our Import Services.

How do I reset the password for my Auditor Oversight Account?

Please contact us at to assist with verifying your Auditor Oversight credentials.


What information can I view in Analytics?

You can view information on your teachers, students, classes, and parents. Check out our detailed guide on Admin Analytics.

Are Analytics available on both the School & District Level?

Yes, analytics are available by both school or by district. If you Administer more than one school or serve as the district admin, all of this data will be available within your single admin account, though you will need to select the school whose analytics you are looking to view from the drop down menu.

How often should I download my data in Admin Analytics?

We recommend downloading your analytics every 30 days so that you can have access to the historical data month over month to compare if needed. The data in Admin Analytics is only available for the previous 30 days.

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