Admin analytics allows school admins to stay on top of important information and activity in Showbie. To find this, login to your admin dashboard.

In the dashboard, look for the Analytics button near the top-right corner:

On this page, you'll see numerous charts that shows general information and activity for your Showbie school. You can download all the information as a PDF or CSV. Look for the download button near the top-right corner of the page:

Here are some of the things you'll see on this page:

Through analytics, you'll be able to track Showbie usage at your school. Some of the things you can find on this page are:

  • Subscription information (start, end dates, etc.)

  • Active teachers and students in the last 30 days

  • Video chat activity

  • School membership (teachers, students, and parents)

  • Class information (class activity and rosters)

  • Engagement (teacher and student contributions)

  • Socrative license information

For example, when looking at a table, you can use the "View all..." option to see the full list of data:

A new window will open where you can filter through a couple options:

A. Click on these column titles to sort the list

B. Use this search bar to find specific information. Ex. You can search by a student name to find them quickly.

C. Download the chart as a .CSV file to use the data in a spreadsheet

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