Admin Analytics

Admin Analytics allows school admins to stay on top of important information and activity in Showbie. To access your school's analytics, login to your admin dashboard.

In the dashboard, look for the Analytics tab on the left hand side menu:

Once there, you'll see numerous charts that show general information and activity for your school. You will see multiple tabs that categorize your school's data. You can navigate between them to see analytics at your school as a whole or dive deeper to view teachers, students, parent affiliations, and even Socrative! You can also download all of the information as a PDF or CSV. Click the download button in the top-right corner of the chart:

Through analytics, you'll be able to track Showbie usage at your school. You find the following information here:

  • Subscription information (start, end dates, etc.)

  • Active teachers and students in the last 30 days

  • Recently added teachers

  • Teacher, student, and parent class activity

  • Socrative license information

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