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Get Started with the Admin Dashboard!
Get Started with the Admin Dashboard!

This guide will help you with learning more about the Admin Dashboard!

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It’s time to administer Showbie Pro & Power-up your Implementation 💁

The Admin Dashboard is the central hub where you can manage your school’s implementation of Showbie. This includes requesting the creation and setup of accounts for teachers and students, enrolling them in classes, and analyzing data of ongoing activities within classrooms.

This guide will go over:

Import Service requests:

If you are starting a new school year/semester or if you have new teachers or

students joining your school at any time, Import helps you with the bulk creation of the accounts. Import can be accessed via the ‘Home’ tab of the Admin Dashboard.

Once there, you can submit different types of requests for your school setup which will be completed by your Implementation Specialist.

Managing your Teachers:

In the ‘Teachers’ tab you can invite teachers to join your school via the 'Add' button and view those that have already joined. You can also view your available Pro licenses, upgrade your teachers, see the date they were last doing activity in Showbie, and the status of their membership. You can also help teachers reset their passwords or even remove a former teacher from your school.

Admin Analytics:

The ‘Analytics’ tab will help you navigate through teacher, student, parent, and class information. It helps you deep dive into usage and activity within your classrooms as well as download raw data in spreadsheets. You can use this data when promoting existing students to the new academic year to have them join classes or present insights to your school/district board to showcase the value Showbie adds to your pedagogical practices.

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